Dogs like to learn tricks to please their owners, and this little brown Chihuahua is a master in the trick department. 

Amongst the fantastic display of tricks the little dog knows includes, please (she sits up and begs), stick em up (she puts up her front paws and waves them in the air), high five (she returns a high five to her owner), go to bed (she runs to the bedroom), shake, down, roll over (the usual doggie tricks of the trad), close door (she runs and nudges door closed with her nose), and crawl (she low crawls on floor).

All of these tricks earn the pup a treat, so likely she loves to do them for her owner.

But it goes to show you just how much dogs love to please their owners and that they are very smart animals.

Dogs can be shown tricks like this, along with obedience commands like sit, stay, etc., and it usually doesn’t take them long to learn them. 

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