Even though both dogs are very different in size, they are enjoying themselves as they play. 

The American Bulldog is so very gentle with his tiny Chihuahua puppy friend, the little Chihuahua puppy races around his huge buddy and attacks his tail and chews on his feet.

The bigger dog gently takes the little dog’s tiny leg in his mouth and plays sweetly.

These two dogs are happy playing together despite their size differences and the bigger one is extra especially careful not to hurt the tiny dog.

Chihuahuas are known for thinking they are bigger than they really are, and this little guy is no exception.

He has absolutely no fear at all when it comes to approaching the big Bulldog or grabbing and biting his tail and feet.

He trusts his big friend not to hurt him at all.

Why can’t people get along as well as these two super buddies? I could watch their antics all day long. Dogs are great, aren’t they? They are so sweet together that is makes me smile a huge grin. 

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