Kids and dogs go together, and today is the day that Milo the fluffy white longhaired Chihuahua get to finally meet his new baby “sister,” a 2-day-old baby girl. 

Milo’s “mom” was in the hospital having a baby and now the little baby is home to meet her “brother.”

When the car pulls up Milo is going crazy, jumping, barking and yipping.

He sees them through the door and is so very excited that they are home at last.

When the woman brings the tiny baby girl inside she sits down the car seat and Milo rushes up to peer inside.

He whines and barks and gently licks the little girl’s face.

He crawls into the car seat and wriggles in sheer joy at meeting the baby girl.

Milo is so excited he brings the baby his rope toy and puts it inside the cars eat beside the baby.

He wants the baby to play with him!

He whines and licks her and again brings her the rope toy. It would look like Milo really is going to love the tiny little girl that has stolen his heart.

Welcome to the family!

Milo is sure happy to meet you at last! 

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