Love is a strange emotion, and this is the story of Wiskey the Chihuahua and Bondrea the baby Senegal Parrot, who are in love with each other. 

The two are inseparable since being adopted.

The little bird sits wrapped in a towel while the owner pets him and gives him scratch on the head and stomach.

At the same time, Wiskey the Chihuahua licks and nudges the parrot with his nose.

All through the video you can see how gentle Wisky is with his friend Bondrea, as he stays by the parrot’s side constantly.

The bird never gets off the towel, and seems very happy to just sit there between his owner and Wiskey.

The dog is very alert to every move either of the bird or his owner makes.

The bird closes his eyes in ecstasy as he is petted, scratched and kissed by both human and pup.

It seems strange that a bird and a dog could be devoted to one another, but this video proves it is quite possible for it to happen.

For the whole video you can just see the intensity of this fact. 

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