Chihuahuas are little dogs and miniature pigs are just the right size for these two to be best friends. 

They were adopted together and love to play with each other.

In this video the two animals race around a bedroom and wrestle and bite and chew on each other in fun play.

They are going crazy having fun playing all over the run like crazy.

It seems you never know what kind of animals will hook up with each other and become good friends, and this may not be the first time a pig and dog have become buddies, but it is still pretty strange to see them playing together.

Not sure how large a miniature pig gets, but if he stays small, he and the little Chihuahua can continue to be best friends of about the same size who can play and live together in harmony.

It is so heartwarming for these two to be friends and we can all learn from their status of being best buddies.

May they stay that way forever and keep setting an example for all of us! 

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