All dogs like to chase after balls and would likely do it all day long if they could.

However, some people get tired playing ball with their dogs and may need a little help to keep on throwing the ball to make their dog happy. 

This black Labrador is learning how to chase after balls thrown by a special ball fetching machine.

This ball fetching machine shoots the ball from it out into the room several feet so the dog can run after the ball.

If the dog can learn how to put the ball back into the hole, that is the first step in the owner being able to take a break as the dog in a way throws his own ball to catch!

Wow, what a good invention! It appears to hold small tennis balls and this black Labrador pup seems to be really excited about the chance to grab that ball.

The owner encourages him to go get the ball and she takes it from her pet and drops the ball into the top of the ball fetching machine. 

Then, it shoots the ball down the hall and the dog runs after and thus starts a cycle where all the owner has to do is drop a ball into the hole! If you like this, please SHARE this invention video.

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