Bath time is something no kid likes, not even a little brown Chihuahua whose mother is very insistent that the pup get a bath. 

Mom holds down the puppy as she licks and washes his head and he makes faces at her and tries to lunge and give his mom a nip.

However, she is not one bit intimidated by her unruly pup, and keeps on holding him down and giving him a wash.

The pup must get dirty often, as we see several views of his mom holding him down and licking his head and body.

In one scene, you can see another puppy who seems to almost be laughing at his sibling as their mom holds the brown pup down and ignores the yips of the other pup.

Once again, the bad little pup strikes out and tries to bite his mom, but once again she ignores him and keeps on with the unwanted bathing.

This pup sure seems to hate his mom’s washing his face and head and tries several times to unsuccessfully bite his patient mom.

He may as well give up trying to escape the washing and let her finish her task. 

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