Dogs and children go together like peanut butter and jelly, and this little black pug puppy seems to adore playing with his human sibling, Baby Louie. 

The human baby sits up while the pug puppy climbs on him and seems to want him to play.

It licks the baby and makes the baby giggle.

Baby Louie seems to love the attention he is getting from his pug buddy and the pair of puppies crowds around him to include him in their pack.

These puppies and Baby Louie will grow up together and are sure to be friends for a long time.

It’s a great way to teach children that pets can be faithful companions we can play with and love and then they give us love in return.

And with all that kissing from one of the pugs, Baby Louie is definitely getting some puppy style of love from this enthusiastic puppy.

It’s so cute to watch them together that you will just squeal with joy just like Baby Louie is doing. 

It’s always sweet to see babies of all species get along together in harmony.

We can learn a lot from this for sure.

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