Babies and dogs go together very well, especially when you put them with the magical moment of blowing bubbles. 

This baby is intently watching his mother blow bubbles and is waving his arms and laughing and trying to get them.

Right there beside him is a cute, long haired Chihuahua dog who also wants to catch those pesky bubbles.

The little soapy orbs float delicately in the air as the dog grabs at them, sneezes and rubs his muzzle on the carpet.

The baby just keeps waving his little chubby arms in glee as the little dog runs all around him and the room to chase the soap bubbles blown by the mom.

This game of soapy chase the bubbles could go on forever and it’s likely the pair of buddies would both be entertained!

I don’t know if the dog is trying to save his baby friend from the bubbles or is just trying to catch them, but it is sure funny as he races around the room and the baby.

What a cute pair of friends. 

Both the baby and the Chihuahua are seemingly having a blast chasing the soap bubbles, so please SHARE this video so others can see their joy.

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