If you are timid by nature then buying a German Shepherd puppy may not be in your best interest. This breed requires a firm and consistent trainer/handler to show them that they are not in control. 

If you show any weakness your pup will not see you as worthy and make decisions for themselves. They will tell you what to do by growling, showing teeth, pushing, or even bite you.

German Shepherd Puppy with toy

There are many different types of German Shepherd, they are bred for work, show, and family pets. Deciding what you want your dog to do will make a big difference in what kind of training your dog will require. If you want a family pet, then buying a working Shepherd will not fit into your laid back lifestyle. Check with the breeders to see what their dog’s were bred for. Pick a dog that is best suited for your abilities to train. Socialize them properly, give them best food and you will have a beautiful and loyal family companion. 

If you decide to get a German Shepherd puppy, then you will have the opportunity to raise the pup to fit your lifestyle. Puppies are rambunctious with endless energy and they will want to chew everything in sight. With proper training and socialization, you can train your dog to know where and when to dig, bark, jump, ect, and where and when they can’t. Don’t try to stop your dog from doing these things because they are only doing normal dog behaviors. To expect your German Shepherd to not bark at all is unfair to the dog. Simply teach him when to bark and when to stop barking.

House training your German Shepherd puppy will take about three weeks, and I recommend crate training and long-term confinement. This method does not allow your pup to have free range of your home. The crate is used when you are home but not able to watch your pup every minute. Take him outside every hour to learn him where you want him to go to the bathroom. A larger confinement area like the laundry room or garage should be used when you are away for longer periods of time.

German Shepherd puppies on grass

If you decide to adopt an older dog from a shelter, then you might get a dog that already has some behavior issues. You can tell a lot about a dog, by the way they interact with people who come to the shelter to view them. If you don’t know much about dogs then it would be best if you took a professional dog trainer, to the shelter to assess the dogs and help you pick the one best suited for your needs. You will not know the dogs true temperament until you remove them from the stress of the kennel. This is why you should have a professional help you with your dog for the first few days after you bring your German Shepherd home.

Unless you have already made up your mind about rather to get a male or female, it is important to know the differences in the two sexes. A male will be larger and more territorial about protecting the yard and home. The female is more protective of their owner. Both are equally brave and tough. Females tend to be a little less patient with children, and can have mood swings associated with their cycles.

three german shepherd puppies

If the dog meets your requirements the sex don’t really matter, unless you already have a dog at home. Dogs of different sexes get along better than dog’s of the same-sex. Regardless of if you get a German Shepherd puppy or an older adopted dog, you must begin a program of exercise and obedience training right away. Spend a few days getting to know your new pup or dog, and then approach training in this mind-set. If your dog is doing something and you think it’s wrong, then figure out what is right and then teach your dog how to do it. With time, love, and lots of patients you can have a well-trained family companion that will bring happiness to you and your family for years to come.

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