Did you ever get that creepy tingly feeling that makes hairs stand up on your arms and think someone was following you? 

Well, Peanut the white Labrador has doing that to his owners down to a science, as he appears to always need to have them in his sight.

This funny dog is always right there where the owners can see him and vice versa.

Who knows if this pup is actually trying to protect his owners, or if he is merely a very needy dog that just wants constant reassurance and companionship?

His owner can’t seem to get to do anything without him watching. She goes to the bathroom and he even sticks his head into the room there! Doing laundry?

Peanut is watching. Doing chores outside, yep there is Peanut again.

The dog does seem to have a sad expression on his sweet face, so maybe he really does need some extra affection.

How would you like it if your dog followed you around no matter where you went and you couldn’t get any privacy? 

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