Fall brings the rustle of dead, crunchy leaves raked into huge piles, and this lively white Labrador has seemingly found his match in them. 

His owner throws a ball that lands right in the middle of a huge pile of leaves and the dog dives in after it.

It’s like hunting for a needle in a haystack as the determined pooch digs through the pile with only his tail sticking out from the top.

Then, suddenly his head pops up and he looks around at his owners as if to say, “What the heck? Where did my ball go?”

The owners point to the pile of leaves and encourage him to go back into them to search for the missing ball, and he dives in once again.

We can hear the leaves crunching and yet no ball can be found! Poor doggie! Is the ball lost forever?

The excited pup sure seems to want his precious ball back but I think he believes his owners are a bit crazy! LOL. 

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