You can tell from the start that this yellow Labrador loves swimming as he bounds across the area leading to the lake and jumps right in. 

He never even hesitates as he leaps happily into the lake, even though it is cold. Of course his shaggy coat keeps him warmer than a person would be if they jumped into a cold mountain lake!

He appears to be having a blast as he wags his tail continuously and jumps in and out of the lake, at times swimming out further and seemingly looking under the water for something, perhaps a fish?

This is just the kind of exercise an energetic young dog like a Labrador needs to keep it healthy.

It’s a beautiful sunny day and this dog sure looks like he would love to stay in this mountain scene forever as his eyes shine with pure happiness and excitement.

He and his human probably go here often because you can tell the dog has been here before by the way he acts.

It’s such a beautiful spot for viewing nature! 

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