If you’ve ever wondered why dogs need toys? Remember they are just like kids. Dogs need to have something to focus on and keep them occupied. Dog toys are also fun while at the same time can improve their physical and mental skills.cute-labrador-pup-dog-ball-photo There’s no doubt about it, toys are the ideal solution for your four-legged friend so they don’t get bored. A bored dog will chew on virtually anything, so keep him or her happy with squeaky toys. When it comes to dog toys, make sure exercise and discipline come first, then play after. 

Just like toys, dog treats are a form of affection. Give your pet a treat at the right time and for the right reason. The golden rule is exercise and discipline come first, then affection with doggy treats. Before training a dog, find out all about dog treats and how they can be used in a positive way.boxer-dog-treat-food-funny Dogs can smell treats from over twenty yards away so rewarding your dog with treats is a great idea. He or she will soon figure out what they need to do to get a treat. Doggy treats, toys, love and affection, just the right combination. 

Don’t be without a good supply of special dog food and accessories either. A dog is your best friend so they really do deserve the best. Check out and visit zoo-bio.co.uk. Here you’ll find all the products needed at cost-effective prices for your beloved pooch. Spoil your dog with doggy toys and treats to help with their development. So you never neglect your dog’s hygiene always have a good selection of care products for your pet’s claws, coat, teeth and eyes. High quality sleeping accessories will help your dog rest while doggy clothes can keep them warm and cute during the winter months.

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