1. Chewing on anything and everything.

pug puppy chewing shoes

2. Steal your food while you’re not looking.

hungry pug and baby

3. Their obsession over small animals.

pug and kittens

4. Separation Anxiety.

pug in bag

5. Messy eating and drinking.

pug puppy ice cream

6. Inappropriate behavior.

pug and baby

7. Avoiding you when it’s bath time.

pug bath time

8. Whining the whole way during a car ride.

pug in car meme

9. Begging for food.

hungry pug

10. Leaving their toys in the least optimal places and scattered about.

pug puppy toys

11. Eating anything and everything off the ground.

pug puppy on beach

12. Vying for your attention when you’re trying to read.

cute pug dog

13. Ripping up your furniture because they’re “making their bed.”

pug on bed

14. Waking you up way too early.

pug wake up

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