1. “They don’t think it be like it is, but it do.”

dog nap time funny

2. “I fits, I sleeps.”

dog sleep time humor

3. “Some help over here?”

dog rest time

4. “We give the phrase ‘roll out of bed’ a whole new derpy meaning.”

bulldog puppies sleep time

5. “Being a dog is super hard work. First there’s begging for treats, and then there’s judging the human for all of her daily life choices.”

dog rest sleep

6. How To Make Your Human Shake His Head Daily

dog rest place funny

7. “Thank you for spending upwards of $100 on this fancy bed so I can lay my head on an empty box instead.”

funny sleeping dog

8. “Well maybe if you’d finish that quilt you said you were making for me, Mabel, I wouldn’t feel the need to burrow under my bed.”

dog funny sleeping dog

9. “This is for that time you told me there were no more treats but my highly sensitive nose picked up on all your lies, human. ALL OF THEM.”

dog sleeping pet

10. “Hello, 911? Yes, this is Dog. Help.”

dog sleeping rest funny

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